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5 Reasons Why Sager + Wilde Paradise Row Is The Next Place You Need To Go For Dinner

by Michael Cleland

Owner-operator, Michael Sager-Wilde, has assembled an all-star team of hospitality professionals to offer you a restaurant experience like no other

“We perpetually strive to excel in every single aspect of the offering while always remaining approachable" — Michael Sager-Wilde

1. The Head Chef of The Chiltern Firehouse will cook you dinner

Well actually, Sebastian Meyers is now the Executive Head Chef of Sager + WIlde Paradise Row but the former Chiltern, Faviken and Viajante chef would love to cook you dinner.

Sebastian along with his new brigade of freakishly talented young chefs invite you to a menu which draws inspiration from Scandinavia, Asia and The Middle East. Sebastian’s dishes, which showcase the produce above all else (an ethos applied to everything at Sager + Wilde), are at once dazzling and splendidly simple.

“My aim is to treat produce with the care and attention it deserves" — Sebastian Meyers

2. You can’t beat Sager + Wilde Paradise Row for value. You actually can't

The five course, tasting menu is only £30 and lunch, at four courses, is £19. To put that in context, a weeknight at the local will probably cost you more.

Considering the quality of ingredients, level of technique and hours of preparation that go into the dishes, it literally is unbeatable value.

“Our objective is to offer guests a list which focuses on products that reflect the very nature of their origin, to pair the food as best as possible and... support growers... with a respect for their terroir" — Cedric Maillard

3. The wine has always been world renowned but it literally just got better. Oh…and you really need to know about the cocktails

Some of you might already know about the wine list at Sager + Wilde Paradise Row and it’s sister bar Sager + Wilde Hackney Road. Recognition such as the coveted 2015 World of Fine Wine - 3 star wine rating and Europe’s Best Wine Bar respectively are testament to that. But did you know that Cedric Maillard, the Head Sommelier, formerly of Fera and Sketch, is now helping you choose your wine?

Cedric honours the values of objectivity, product and provenance, that have always characterised the list, but he is also diversifying to source more of the best and most innovative expressions of terroir from Europe.

You also really need to meet Marcis Dzelzainis. Marcis, who previously managed such revered bars as 69 Colebrooke Row and Dandelyan, now heads a team of London's elite bartenders at Sager + WIlde Paradise Row. Marcis' menu reimagines familiar ingredients to create drinks that you'll find complex, captivating and contemporary.

“I use processes that pre-date the industrialisation of food and drink. Post WWII, rationing was about quantity and not the quality of the ingredients, it disconnected us from food and drink. These processes, such as fermentation and using vinegars to preserve, are rituals that remind us how precious produce is and how to treat it with respect. It engenders a mindfulness that I very much enjoy"— Marcis Dzelzainis

4. You all know about restaurant coffee and tea right? Well…it’s nothing like that

In fact, it’s basically the opposite.

We all know too well what restaurant coffee can be like. At Assembly, we have the pleasure to work with the guys at Sager + Wilde Paradise Row who honestly devote as much time to their hot drinks as they do their hot food.

Assembly curates a (soon to be filter only) menu defined by Sager + Wilde's ethos for product, provenance and evolving with the innovations of London's independent coffee scene.

We also work exclusively with Postcard Teas to maintain a menu which really can't be compared to anywhere. If you haven’t tried Master Lin’s Heaven Scents Dan Cong or the ‘91 Menhgai 7542 you should… and you can... at cost price. If you don’t know what they are then ask the staff because they are as informed on hot drinks as they are wine.

5. Service with a smile. No, seriously

We’ve all had an experience marred by the attitude of a 'know-it-all' host before. Well Alex Casey will make sure that never happens.

Alex who previously managed Viajante and Sea Containers has joined General Manager, John O'Dowd (St. John's, Fifteen) as Floor Manager to execute service which epitomises approachability and friendly engagement.

“In our experience as consumers, price and pretence often mar the experience of dining out. We disarm this; to make our guest’s experience easy, with personable and discreet service" — Alex Casey

So what does it all mean?

Basically, whether food, wine, cocktails, coffee, tea or service, you can have the best of it all, under one roof, without breaking the bank.

Photo: Charlie McKay