Orea Sense Cup
Orea Sense Cup
Orea Sense Cup
Orea Sense Cup

Orea Sense Cup

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The Orea Sense Cup is optimised for flavour enhancement and, though it is suitable as a vessel for all beverages hot and cold, is designed specifically to accompany the Orea Brewer.

The ceramic body is wine glass in form, with a narrow neck that promotes concentrated evaporation and higher intensity of aroma. The tulip style lip creates a wide surface area that introduces the beverage to the palate - enhancing perceptions of coffee's complex and delicate aromas.

  • Material: 100% ceramic
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Dimensions: 66m (h) x 72mm (w)
  • Mindfully and meticulously designed to optimise the Orea Brewer.

We've paired the cup with an Orea Brewer wrapped in an exclusive Assembly-embossed collar - check out the bundle.

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