Orea Brewer V3
Orea Brewer V3
Orea Brewer V3
Orea Brewer V3

Orea Brewer V3

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This is the new, most advanced generation of the Orea Brewer. The Orea Brewer V3 has been completely reworked so that the base is detachable from the brewer - enabling the base to act as a universal mount for numerous accessories and also offering new levels of personalisation with multiple brewer designs and recycled materials.

As with previous iterations, the Orea Brewer V3 is lightweight, built to last and enables fast, clear and bright coffee brews. This version is the Large (185) size and comprises a 'candy' base and 'clear' brewer.

Orea Brewer V3 - Large (185)

  • Holds 185-size filter papers and up to 36g of ground coffee for two cup brews
  • Can also hold 155-size filter papers for one cup brews
  • Flexible, crack-resistant material, TROGAMID®, has a very low rate of thermal conductivity - ensuring the highest levels of insulation to keep heat in the coffee bed, and increase extraction and sweetness
  • Patented ring drainage prevents choking and promotes efficient, rapid brewing
  • Snap-in base made in the UK from 100% post-consumer recycled Polypropylene plastic
  • 7.2cm height x 9.1cm diameter x 10.4cm base width
  • Weight (brewer + base): 53g.

We recommend using Kalita Wave 185 filter papers to optimise the V3.

The Orea Brewer V3 is our recommended brewer for the pour over method - read the Assembly pour over recipe here.

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