Limited Editions — Rare coffees

Our Limited Editions are releases of rare coffees that we find to be extraordinary. We select special coffees that showcase farming innovation, and above all, provide unique flavour experiences.

By their nature these are small lots of limited quantity, so coffees are first released to our mailing list. 

Limited Edition: Alex Bermudez

Over recent years, coffees produced by Diego Samuel Bermudez on Finca El Paraiso have become prized for their highly complex and particularly vibrant flavour profiles.

As word of his remarkable work has spread, Diego has shared his deep knowledge and finely-tuned skills with other coffee producers across Colombia through his work with the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

Back on Paraiso, his brother Alex (himself a director for a business improving working conditions for coffee producers across Colombia) has stepped into his shoes. With learnings from Diego paired with a clearly natural family instinct, Alex is now producing coffees of comparable quality.

This coffee has a remarkably creamy texture, with a prominent flavour of plum and deep, rich sweetness. An indulgent cup.

Limited Edition: Finca Deborah Echo Geisha

The Finca Deborah Echo Geisha was chosen from over 20 others during numerous rounds of pre-competition blind cupping, and the unique post-harvest carbonic maceration of the coffee paired perfectly with Claire’s presentation theme of fermentation.

For this coffee's specific carbonic maceration process, cascara originally removed from the coffee cherries was reintroduced into the tank to facilitate an added layer of flavour complexity - a method pioneered by Finca Deborah owner Jamison Savage, who has named the technique the 'Echo' process.

A remarkable coffee and a very limited amount available. 

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