Colombia — Juliana Guevara
Colombia — Juliana Guevara
Colombia — Juliana Guevara
Colombia — Juliana Guevara

Colombia — Juliana Guevara

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  • Producer — Juliana Guevara at Finca La Terraza
  • Region — La Argentina, Huila
  • Varietals — Caturra Chiroso
  • Terroir — 1850-1950 masl, 20 degrees Celsius, temperate tropical climate
  • Process — Washed Dry Fermentation

Tastes like

Red berries + Caramel + Silky

Illustrated with: 

We invite people we work with to taste coffees before they're released, to help define the tasting notes that inform the brush stroke illustration for the coffee. For this coffee, we invited Vasiliki Zotou. 

Recommended brewing

  • Best: Pour over with the Orea Brewer V3
  • Great: Filter (batch brew, Chemex, french press) 
  • Very good: Espresso

Juliana Guevara

Juliana's path into coffee growing was more unconventional than most. Her first taste of the industry was as a cafe barista in the city - a time in which she saw how elitist and discriminatory the sector can be at its worst. Safe to say she wasn't particularly drawn to a life in coffee.

That all changed when she met her husband, Wbeimar Lasso - a coffee grower as his parents were before him. Wbeimar's passion passed over to Juliana. In 2016, they founded an organisation to support local coffee farmers - Terra Coffee.

After two years of significant success with Terra, the couple secured their own farm - La Terraza. Sprawling out over 14 hectares, Wbeimar and Juliana have discovered some traces of ancient settlers that they have worked hard to preserve. They prioritise conservation - their farming practices don't alter the natural balance of the soil, don't contaminate water sources, and don't impact native wildlife.

In the cup this coffee has the vibrant citric acidity that Huila's coffee is prized for. And it has a sweet, complex herbal undertone - an intriguing flavour profile not to be missed.

Coffees are whole bean as standard. If you'd like your coffee ground please specify for which brewing style in the notes at checkout and we'll grind fresh. 

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