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Limited Edition: Finca Deborah Echo Geisha
Limited Edition: Finca Deborah Echo Geisha
Limited Edition: Finca Deborah Echo Geisha
Limited Edition: Finca Deborah Echo Geisha

Limited Edition: Finca Deborah Echo Geisha

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  • Producer — Finca Deborah
  • Origin  Panama
  • Region — Volcan
  • Terroir — 1900 masl, 20 degrees Celcius, cool tropical climate
  • Process — Echo (cascara-infused carbonic maceration)
  • Varietal  — Geisha

Limited Edition: Finca Deborah Echo Geisha

We’re delighted to share with you this remarkable coffee, used by Assembly Head Roaster Claire Wallace to win the SCA United Kingdom Barista Championship 2022.

The Finca Deborah Echo Geisha was chosen from over 20 others during numerous rounds of pre-competition blind cupping, and the unique post-harvest carbonic maceration of the coffee paired perfectly with Claire’s presentation theme of fermentation.

Post-harvest: The Echo process

Once the Geisha cherries had reached the desired maturation, they were picked, de-pulped to remove the cascara (the husk surrounding the cherry) and then placed in air-tight stainless steel tanks for a controlled carbonic maceration.

To achieve carbonic maceration, the tanks are flushed with CO2 - allowing the microorganisms in the tanks to break down sugars in the cherries more slowly. This promotes higher acidity, enhanced aromas, and it produces more lactic acid than a standard controlled fermentation, contributing to a notably juicy texture in the cup.

For this specific carbonic maceration, the removed cascara was reintroduced into the tank to facilitate an added layer of flavour complexity - a method pioneered by Finca Deborah owner Jamison Savage, who has named the technique the 'Echo' process.

After 50 hours of close monitoring, the cascara-infused cherries were removed from the tank, gently rinsed and dried in controlled dry houses on raised African beds to 11% moisture content.


Claire herself roasted this coffee for 10 minutes 30 seconds to a 209 degrees Celcius end temperature. This relatively long roast time maximises the chemical reactions of the Maillard phase, enhancing sweetness and texture. And it helps to balance the intense acidity created by carbonic maceration.


The same recipe was used by Claire for all three rounds (espresso, milk-based, signature) of her competition-winning presentation: 18.5g dose, 48g yield in a 26-second extraction time. This recipe creates an espresso with high, vibrant malic and citric acidity, medium sweetness and medium to low bitterness.

In the cup, this coffee has flavours of raspberry, dried cherry, hibiscus, baking chocolate and brown sugar.

Please note that our Limited Edition coffees are dispatched every Wednesday. 

Recommended brewing

    • Best: Espresso
    • Great: Pour over with the Orea Brewer V3
    • Very good: Pour over with a V60 dripper



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