Limited Edition — Wush Wush
Limited Edition — Wush Wush
Limited Edition — Wush Wush

Limited Edition — Wush Wush

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  • Producer — Oscar and Nancy Maca
  • Farm — El Zafiro
  • Region — Cauca, Colombia
  • Process — Washed
  • Varietal — Wush Wush
  • Altitude — 1900masl

Tastes like:

Floral + Plum + Silky

Illustrated with Alessandro Zengiaro

To celebrate his recent win the UK Latte Art Championships we've illustrated this coffee with our colleague Alessandro Zengiaro. 


Note: Limited edition coffees are roasted and dispatched every Wednesday. 

Return to the Wush-Wush

The first time we encountered this (at the time unknown) varietal was on a buying trip to Colombia in 2016 where we visited Don Oscar's El Zafiro farm in Cauca in the south-west of Colombia. Oscar, an agronomist with over 25 years experience, presented coffees which were exceptional across the board but there were a few specific bowls in particular which garnered astounded 'oohs and aahs' as they were tasted. These were revealed later as the 'Wush Wush' varietal, which, at that time, had not been roasted or sold commercially around the world. Needless to say our curiosity was piqued and later when our green trading partners, Raw Material, suggested a four-way co-release with other roasters we immediately embraced the opportunity. And so it was that in April 2017 we, along with Flight Coffee (NZ), Proud Mary (Aus) and Grace & Taylor (Aus) simultaneously released the first Wush Wush which was was also our first ever limited edition coffee and was sold in 100g sample bags each of the Honey, Natural and Washed process methods. This year we're incredibly excited to share the Wush Wush again and have a limited amount of the washed process available for sale. 

Like Geisha But Not

Initially upon cupping the Wush Wush certain similarities to the acclaimed Geisha varietal are immediately prominent although Wush Wush is also undeniably unique. The complexity is there but although floral we find the Wush Wush to lean slightly more towards fruit in the cup with more depth of flavour in taste slightly less on aroma and staggering sweetness. This is unsurprising as both varietals share similar stories on their journey before surfacing in the specialty world. Wushwush is an area in the south-west of Ethiopia which is rich and fertile for producing coffee of heirloom varietals. One individual varietal somehow made its way to Colombia (opinions vary on exactly how) and thus became named according to the village of its origin. 

Wush Wush also has over twenty genotypes and is exceptionally adaptive to its environment meaning that the potential difference between the profile of one producer's coffee and another's can be diverse and truly unique. 


Farming Excellence

The El Zafiro farm is 7ha in size and almost 100 yeas old although Oscar and Nancy are relatively recent custodians. Oscar an experienced agronomist and Nancy with 15 years of farming experience have planted Wush Wush, Castillo and Bourbon which are tended, picked and sorted by hand. In 2021 at the Colombian Cup of Excellence the couple's natural Castillo was awarded 3rd place. 

Coffees are whole bean as standard. If you'd like coffees ground please specify for which brewing style in the notes and we'll grind fresh. 

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