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Wholesale — Coffee for your business

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Assembly is a coffee roastery which is unique in identifying and responding to the evolving needs of independent cafes, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality outlets.

We acknowledge and value the diversity of experiences, knowledge and strengths of our peers in the industry. With a shared vision for creating forward-thinking approaches to coffee, Assembly is a collective where each individual’s insight grows the whole.

Together with our wholesale partners, we:

  • - Maintain a coffee catalogue that simultaneously best serves the needs of our wholesale partners and expedites life-enhancing outcomes for farmers

  • - Collaborate to promote the virtues of specialty coffee and to develop pioneering approaches for the industry.

Interested? Grab some samples via the link below.

We specialise in providing coffee, equipment, and technical and training support for:

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House espressos and a rotating range of seasonally sourced coffees for elevated brewing, as well as comprehensive machine and training support.

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Coffee packages customised to the taste and consumption preference of your workplace. Automated to to arrive fresh every week and flexible to edit at any time.

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Fully customisable coffee and packaging solutions to suit the needs of your business. Off-shelf solutions ready to serve, or bespoke sourcing and roasting. 

Espresso machines, equipment and support

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We’re a full support coffee roastery. This means that, through exclusive partnerships, we’re able to pass on ‘trade only’ discounts for all espresso machines and barista equipment.

Our in-house technical maintenance support is here for you. As is shared access to heavily discounted, nationwide, espresso service providers. We currently work with and offer all commercial coffee grinders.

Barista training

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We offer unlimited walk-in weekly trainings and a customised on-site and/or roastery tiered training programme for each wholesale partner.

Our expert staff host trainings both on site and in the immersive environment of our roastery. Our approach is always bespoke based on the needs of the partner, rigorous in its content and delivered by our Q-Grade certified barista trainers.

Serving Assembly

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