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Assembly subscription for offices

 Image of woman pour a filter coffee.
The Assembly Subscription for offices gives you premium quality coffees, delivered to your workplace as regularly as you need, without you having to lift a finger.

Choose your subscription style:

House Espresso 
Image of 1kg house espresso bag

House Espresso Office Subscription

1kg — £33.25

Espresso Blend 
Image of 1kg espresso blend bag

Espresso Blend Office Subscription

1kg — £30.00

Image of 1kg filter coffee bag

Filter Office Subscription

1kg — £40.00

Co-branded coffee — Created collaboratively.

A bespoke package, perfect for seasonal gifting.

How it works:

Image explaining how the subscription works - step 1.
Image explaining how the subscription works - step 2.
Image explaining how the subscription works - step 3.

Need more information or have a custom request? 

The Assembly Subscription for Offices gives you premium quality coffees delivered to your workplace, without you having to lift a finger.

This office coffee subscription can be tailored to suit your coffee needs – choose how much coffee you’d like, and how regularly you’d like it delivered. Your coffee can be whole bean or ground for whichever brew method you use. Our office coffee is best enjoyed when ground as freshly as possible – the Wilfa Svart electric grinder is an ideal option for any workplace.

You'll get access to savings versus ordering manually each time you need a top-up. Sign up for 1kg and save 5%, 2kg saves you 10%, get 6kg delivered regularly and save 15%. And you'll receive complimentary shipping on each delivery.

Choose from the Assembly House Espresso, the Assembly Blend or a rotating filter coffee offering. We’ve got coffees for all
brew methods and palates.