Limited Editions — Rare coffees

Our Limited Editions are releases of rare coffees that we find to be extraordinary. We select special coffees that showcase farming innovation, and above all, provide unique flavour experiences.

By their nature these are small lots of limited quantity, so coffees are first released to our mailing list. 

Latest Limited Editions

Currently we have two Limited Editions. The Edgar Robinson Conilon - a Canephora coffee with eight years of scientific research behind it. And the Panama Summer Geisha - the latest beautiful coffee from our long-term producer partners Finca Santa Teresa. More information on both below.

Limited Edition: Panama Summer Geisha

Situated on steep hillside at 1500-1600 masl, Finca Santa Teresa’s Summer plot produces shade-grown coffee from 12 year-old Geisha trees. In general, the trees flower 3-5 times per harvest between February and April each year. The Panamanian sun facilitates even ripening of the lot and that plentiful sunlight is utilised again for post-harvest processing.

This Geisha was picked and within hours spread out on raised beds for slow drying over 30 days, before being finished off in a controlled environment to ensure consistency.

In the cup we find this coffee has a prominent red fruit notes and rose tea aromas. A beautifully balanced Geisha.

Limited Edition: Edgar Robinson Conilon

Earth’s climate is changing and the full extent of the damage the human race has done to the planet over the past few centuries is becoming clearer with increasingly frequent extreme weather events, shifting seasons and the damning research reports that make sense of them.

Scenario modelling published in January 2022 indicates that rising temperatures, increased rainfall and subsequent alterations to the PH and texture of soil could lead to the loss of 50% of land highly suited to coffee growing by 2050.

Brazil’s 250,000 producers provide around one-third of the planet’s coffee. As the country’s climate changes, coffee farmers are adapting to secure their livelihoods and continue to meet market demand.

Professor Lucas Louzada and his team at Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo have spent eight years perfecting the process for increasing the quality of Conilon - a genetic group of Canephora coffee.

It is proposed that high-quality, high-yield Conilon can be used to supplement less resilient Arabica varietals threatened by the changing climate - simultaneously introducing tens of thousands of Conilon producers to the specialty market.

Over 12 weeks of harvest season in 2021, Lucas’ team travelled a total of 15,000 km as they shared their findings and recommendations with coffee producers across Espírito Santo. In the first year of the programme, 91% of farms that employed the refined carbonic maceration process achieved cup scores of 84 or more on their Conilon coffees.

The early signs are promising - Conilon could secure the future of the specialty coffee industry.

A significant portion of the profits from this Limited Edition will be returned directly to Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo to support the further development of the programme.

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