Ethiopia — Anasora
Ethiopia — Anasora

Ethiopia — Anasora

Ethiopia - Washed 

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Israel Degfa is renowned for overseeing the production of some of the most most well known and popular Ethiopian specialty coffees served in cafes around the world and has almost become a seal of quality in himself.

In 2018 he built the Anasora washing station on the banks of the river Turo, in the Guji region, and has begun processing cherry from approximately 1000 local Oromo community of farmers.

  • Producer — Oromo Smallholders + Israel Degfa
  • Mill — Anasora
  • Region — Guji, Ethiopia
  • Process — Washed
  • Varietal — Heirloom
  • Altitude — 2350 masl

In addition to offering both fixed and secondary, quality based premiums, Israel is also supporting the community with micro-finance to fund production and ‘modern (responsible) husbandry’ courses.

We’ve illustrated this coffee with 7oz Coffee in Clapham and hope to highlight the prominent citrus/ black tea notes that make the Anasora a refreshing pleasure to drink. 

Tastes like: Black Tea. Nougat. Milky.

Illustrated with: 7oz Coffee

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