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Serving Assembly: Grove Lane Deli

by Ben Sibley

There's a growing feeling that South London's newest neighbourhood deli might already be it's most treasured.

Catch a view of Grove Lane Deli when the road is clear of cars and you could be forgiven for thinking you'd stepped back in time. The deli's striking, original Victorian windows are framed by fresh dark green paint. Above the glass, Old Style lettering wraps around the facade in soft gold. Is it 2022, or 1882?

It's these attentions to detail that has Camberwell paying attention to the details. A month or so before officially opening in early February 2022, owner and head baker Danielle opened the door to offer a batch of freshly-baked cookies to inquisitive passers-by. They sold out in two hours.

Since opening, it's been more of the same. Daily, as the last coffee is poured before closing time, the counter is nothing but crumbs. Slithers of roasted coconut flakes fallen from brown butter lamingtons, drops of frosting left behind by white chocolate and pistachio cakes are all that remains. Regulars don't know what's coming next, and they love it.

The ever-evolving cakes and bakes offering has since been complimented by a housemade lunchtime sandwich menu and, no surprises here, its been a roaring success.

The deli's a tight squeeze, so a handful of tables are pitched outside. But, it turns out, the most sought-after seat in the house is the pavement across the street. Find a clean enough spot, swivel so you're facing south down Grove Lane as it snakes up towards East Dulwich and 'Pavement best seat' as it's been fondly dubbed by the team gets you the best of the spring and summer sun.

Back inside, a diverse spread of sundries sourced from Peckham to Palestine packs the shelves. The fridge is filled with fresh pasta, cheese and juices. One narrow floor-to-ceiling nook is stacked with wine. Come out for the pavement pastry and coffee, head home with snacks and dinner.

Little Grove Lane Deli has made a big impact on Camberwell, and we're proud to be with them for the ride.

Visit Grove Lane Deli

4a Grove Lane

Open 8am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-3pm Sunday.

Grove Lane Deli serves Assembly Blend on espresso.

Header image features owner Danielle (L) and head barista Florian (R).