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Opportunity: Trade Marketing Executive

What we need 

We need a Trade Marketing Executive to work between our sales and marketing teams, driving forward both of these key business functions. You're probably an experienced barista who can dial in coffee with their eyes closed, knows London specialty coffee inside-out, and understands how marketing can drive brand awareness and sales.

What you need to have

  • Advanced coffee knowledge, specifically of the UK specialty scene
  • Advanced brewing and sensory skills
  • Experience of planning and hosting coffee-focused events
  • Competency in social media marketing
  • Solid copywriting skills
  • Awareness of coffee trade dynamics and the broader objectives of the specialty movement
  • Proficient (native standard) written English
  • Competent use of Microsoft Office, and calendar and planning software
  • UK driver's licence
  • Availability to work in our headquarters in Brixton, London five days a week
  • A balance of being obsessed with coffee but not being the guest everyone dreads getting stuck with a party.

What you'd be responsible for

  • Leading on the development and delivery of marketing strategies within our wholesale customer communities that directly impact the growth of the business.

Bear in mind

  • You will spend the majority of your time at our headquarters in Brixton, south London
  • There will be requirement to work some evenings and weekends (compensated by time off in lieu)
  • You need to be comfortable using Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and calendar and planning software.

What we offer

  • A competitive base salary + structured bonus
  • 22 days annual leave
  • A suite of benefits including additional days off work and reduced working hours in summer months
  • Complimentary staff breakfast.


How to apply

We need your CV and for you to answer the three questions below and send in an email to this address. Feel free to mention Assembly in your replies, but zero bonus points will be given if you do so. No one likes a teacher's pet after all.

  • What's your favourite cafe in London?
  • What's the best coffee you've drunk this year?
  • What event would you organise to engage one of our marquee wholesale customers?

The deadline to apply is Friday 21st June.