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Ethiopia — Geruke

    • Producer — Geruke Coop
    • Region — Jimma Zone, Mana Woreda, Geruke Kebele
    • Terroir — 1800-2100 masl, temperate tropical climate
    • Varieties — Mixed Heirloom
    • Process — Washed

A high-quality washed Ethiopian. It’s citrusy, tea-like and delicate. We love it, you love it, everyone loves it. And with very, very good reason.

Tastes like: Citrus

The flavour index coffee subscription brings you specialty coffees which we believe present experiences of rare qualities - distinct in flavour and texture, and wholly expressive of origin.

Each month, we select a coffee that gets roasted fresh and delivered straight to your door without you having to lift a finger. Every coffee arrives with a coffee information card with space to record your recipes, and delivery is always complimentary.

Sign up and you’ll receive a hand-sewn linen towel in your welcome pack, alongside a card holder – use it to collect your coffee cards and curate your favourite brews and recipes.

Our subscription offers two quantity options (2 x 200g or 1 x 1kg) and is available as either whole bean or ground coffee. You can adjust your subscription at any time via your online account and even gift The flavour index to a special someone.