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Sandows and Assembly

by Michael Cleland

We are incredibly proud to announce the commencement of Assembly’s working relationship with Luke and Hugh of Sandows. In the coming weeks, Sandows Cold Brew will exclusively be made using Assembly coffee.

This is a relationship which both parties have invested in developing for some time now and it is fantastic to see it come to fruition. Luke and Hugh are pioneers of Cold Brew coffee in the UK, admired ubiquitously for their affable nature, commitment to innovation and vision for progressing independent coffee. We are both proud to share these values and excited to be working collectively to perpetuate them.

As part of our relationship, Sandows and Assembly will be working together to explore new approaches to the cold brewing of coffee. Currently we are in the final stages of a water recipe project in which we are investigating taste optimisation via the creation of a bespoke water mineral recipe. To do this, testing has been undertaken ascertaining the specific effect of different water minerals on all aspects of sensory and brew data. In the coming weeks we will release the findings from the project as well as detailing upcoming initiatives.

We join Sandows at a very exciting period in the growth of their brand. Having successfully crowd funded earlier this year, Luke and Hugh have just celebrated the official launch of their Hackney Wick brewery. They have also just lowered their prices in order to increase the value to their wholesale partners.

Read an interview with Hugh from Sandows as he discusses changing consumer values and the future of coffee.

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