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3 Bits Of Kit That Will Make Your Espresso Better

by Michael Cleland

Just before London Coffee Festival, we received a parcel from the folks at Pesado full of espresso gear that’s as gorgeous as it is game-changing. After showing it off at LCF and having countless requests from baristas to put them to the test on the Assembly stand we are now thrilled to say that the Pesado range is officially available in the UK.

The Australian barista tool manufacturers are obsessed with detail and hellbent on keeping a step ahead of the coffee tech curve. All machined metal products are made with ‘the most advanced tools for absolute precision,’ so you can have unparalleled control of your coffee. Sounds pretty good right?

Equally appealing are their ethically sourced Zebrano and Wenge wood tools which are hand lathed, hardwearing and finished with a smooth natural wax that’s as seductive as it is practical. 

Control Your Tamping Depth

Designed to fit with perfect precision, the Pesado 58.5 tamper’s edges are super sharp which maximises the effective tamping area, improves consistency and ultimately extraction.

To one-up themselves for yet even more consistency, Pesado have just released the most user friendly depth adjuster tamper add-on you’ll find. Once set, this brilliant claw-looking device ensures identical tamp compression between coffees. They were a serious talking point on the stand.

Precision Portafilters

These anodised aluminium portafilters are aesthetically distinctive (like a police truncheon - in a good way) but what’s amazing about them is that they can be manufactured to have exactly the same weight. This 0.01g precision eliminates constant scale taring and is yet another facet of the Pesado brand’s commitment to consistency with no compromise.

There’s also something seriously alluring about these Pesado wooden portafilters. The strikingly raw yet refined wood grabs your eye, but it’s the ergonomic balance in your hand that really makes them irresistible.

Consistent Shower Screen

These are the perfect secret weapons for your espresso machine. There are no sharp corners or extra friction within the membrane to impede flow in extraction, nor is there any warping in shape due to the screens’ being made from a single piece of metal with laser cut holes and a reinforcement nut for better distribution.

It’s sometimes hard to kick up a fuss about something that only your barista knows about - especially after waxing lyrical about other Pesado eye-catchers - but these shower screens are perfect in design and are a fresh implement in nailing that perfect coffee consistently.