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Unidos — Assembly x Nomad

by Ben Sibley

We had an idea... How about the coffee world took a breather to celebrate shared passions and spend an afternoon sampling some of the finer things in life.

On Saturday 22nd April, Nomad Coffee (Barcelona) and Assembly Coffee (London) invited colleagues, friends, family to join them for an afternoon of beverages at the Assembly roastery in Brixton, south London.

It was opportunity to wrap lips around some of Spain's finest low intervention wines and vermouths. It was an opportunity to try some crazy coffees. But really, after a rather... interesting few years, it was an opportunity for our communities to come together, socialise and connect over a common interest in tasty things. 

We held a fundraising raffle with prizes kindly donated by Sage, Brewed By Hand, Minor Figures and Kold Sauce. All funds raised go to Well Grounded - an organisation supporting those with barriers to employment.

Thank you to all who came, it was quite the time.