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What Could You Want More Than The Cocktails At Happiness Forgets?

by Michael Cleland

Well, nothing really, except… if Alastair Burgess and the team created a new venue, reflecting the same values, but adding coffee, French bistro cuisine and wine to the offering too!

So - what do you need to know about Petit Pois? Think classic French bistro offerings of the highest quality, coffee done immaculately and world-renowned cocktails all done with a calm confidence. Simplicity and accessibility without sacrificing craft.

Petit Pois has been garnering the prestige of culinary critics since doors opened - probably most notably the unconditional praise of Jay Rayner at The Guardian (the guy seems absolutely obsessed with their chocolate mousse). Such love helps, but resting on laurels isn’t what motivates Petis Pois. That being said, this is the brainchild of some serious culinary heavyweights.

Alastair Burgess of Happiness Forgets and Original Sin is bringing his award-winning drinks expertise and philosophy to the beautiful yet unostentatious bar. At the heart of the operation, Head Chef Chris Smith formerly of Bleecker Street and Le Cordon Bleu is bringing into life the ethos of this perfect simplicity by producing dishes that speak for themselves yet keep people talking. For us at Assembly, we’re thrilled to supply our seasonal single origin espressos; poured perfectly by Johnny Nguyen with his enviable La Marzocco GS/3 and Mahlkönig Peak setup.

It’s hard not to be impressed when observing a skill expertly performed. In sports, world-class athletes make it look easy. In drama, people talk of performances being natural or inspired. At Petit Pois, everything is performed gracefully.

It might seem daft to compare the efforts of a chef to those of Bolt or Olivier, but this is a nation with an obsession for food that seems to be growing exponentially. More people watch cookery programmes than the news and can probably tell you more about the provenance of their wine and cheese than the name and party of their local councillor.

The synchronicity of every facet of Petit Pois is their real success. Each element sings with purpose, beauty and flavour and lacks any ounce of pretence. What more could you want?

Petit Pois
9 Hoxton Square, Hackney, London
N1 6NU
Ph: 020 7613 3689 @petitpoisbistro