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Shop Coffee — freshly roasted coffee beans for espresso or filter brewing

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The Assembly catalogue is refreshed regularly with specialty coffee beans produced by the world’s most celebrated producers and exporters from across south and central America, east Africa and beyond.

Our three house coffees – the single origin Assembly House Espresso, the Assembly Blend and our Decaf coffee – are complemented by a seasonal selection of light-roasted coffee beans that highlight the depth and breadth of arabica coffee’s flavour spectrum.

Our Elevated brewing range showcases prized varietals, pioneering processing methods and the unique flavour experiences they can facilitate. All of our coffees are roasted fresh, can be ground for any brewing method from espresso to French Press, and are available in both 200g and 1kg volume.

The Flavour index subscription is for anyone curious for single origin coffees with rare qualities and wants them delivered to their door every month without having to lift a finger.