The Makers Christmas Market

by Michael Cleland

The Makers Christmas Market

A seasonal market celebrating the best of London independent brands and makers. 

The Makers Christmas Market brings together a community of our favourite London makers and creators - all unique in their own space but similar in the values of quality, purpose and craft. We'll welcome sewists, jewellers, ceramicists, botanical scientists and designers to exhibit their hand-crafted pieces. And coffee, wine and beer will be served up by some of the local area's finest providers.

Where and when is it? 

  • Coldharbour Works 
  • 245A Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8RR
  • 10am -4pm Saturday 4 December 2021

Who's there?

Kikina Designs — Clothing, Cards, Homeware (and more) 

Kikina Designs is a London-based print and graphic designer originally from Moscow, Russia. Her inspiration is drawn from Russian culture, the arts, and 1990s aesthetics. All artworks are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, and all prints are painted by hand.

Soka Linens — Table Linen

Soka Linens is Sonya Karlsson, a Norwegian born, London-based sewist. She creates pieces for everyday use from materials which have clear functional purpose in the home and utilises sustainable fabrics which incorporate unique variation in texture. She sources fabrics locally to her home in south London where all items are hand cut and sewn.

Monta Monta — Botanical Skincare

Monta Monta was founded in 2015 by cosmetic scientist, Montague Ashley-Craig, and creates multi-functional and refillable botanical skincare products. Many of the formulations make use of hyper-locally sourced and/or waste raw materials from east London where the brand is based and the products created. 

Klei — Ceramics

Klei was founded by London-based potters; Jessica Joslin and Skye Corewijn in 2018. Klei (meaning clay) celebrates and represents local makers of hand thrown ceramics. Here you'll find bowls, jugs, vases, plates and some other small pieces from makers from around London and also further beyond. 

Easthope Studio — Jewellery

​Easthope Studio is a London-based jeweller who creates pieces using eco or recycled base metals. They've been creating jewellery since the age of seven, foraging for sea glass on Brighton beach and scouring local charity shops. They offer pieces to create small, personally curated collections with the ethos of buying less and buying better.  

Friendship Adventure - Beer

Friendship Adventure is a Brixton-based brewery - they brew refreshing, sessionable beer. Something for friends to drink. Their brewery started as a plan hatched between friends, and their passion is to see other groups of friends come together to do something special.

Lutiki — Knits and Crochet

Lutiki is a family-run business specialising in hand-crafted garments for babies and mothers. Knitted with age-old methods passed down through generations, all pieces are created with quality, natural materials.

Four Boroughs — Coffee

Four Boroughs is a south London specialty coffee company, founded in 2017 with their first shop in Crystal Palace. Quickly becoming a favourite for local coffee enthusiasts and keen road cyclists alike with their excellent coffee, delectable food and welcoming atmosphere, they opened their second shop in Loughborough Junction in 2020. 

Hooks and Clips — Vintage Christmas Ornaments 

Hooks and Clips is founded by artist Katja Chernova who sources and restores unique and rare vintage Christmas ornaments. She also creates seasonal greetings cards and wrapping papers which will also be available on the day of the market.